Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shameless Promotion :)

Shameless promotion of my business!  You've been warned :)!

I've just posted my first listing for YYMN (Your Yarn My Needles) anything-goes customs.  This is good for absolutely anything.  Here's some pictures of my work.  It's obviously not everything I've done but some of my customs and things for my kiddos.  I'm currently working on an Ian Polo romper I'm naming "Hello Robot!" in 3-6 month that I'll be stocking this month and just got done dyeing my first batch of wool to do a tester Onesie pattern and another romper for Baby K in a 6-9 month size.  I'm currently trying to gather funds to dye more yarn to make a Hootie Who for Baby K for winter :).  I'm also trying to help fund our move!  Feel free to share my info with your friends or if you are thinking about something for your kid(s) or a baby shower I'd love to help with cloth diaper mamas or disposable diaper mamas.  I can make all my patterns to accommodate either and have lots of fun things I can make for all babies and kiddos!  Just wanted to share :)

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