Sunday, May 1, 2011

Origami fold

Here is a picture of Baby K in a Gerber flat origami folded


  1. The kite fold seems to be perfect for smaller babies, but I started preferring the origami as my baby grew. Visiting from Cloth Diapering bloggers.

  2. Funny enough though with the couple flats I have I can get a higher rise out of the kite fold than origami. The origami BARELY comes up where it needs to on the front and back. So far though we've had better success with kite and the Gerber flats-he's a super soaker and pooped straight thru to the cover with an origami. We don't yet have enough though. A generous mama offered to buy us a dozen and we should be able to experiment more than we have been able to with our few flannel and Gerber ones