Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kite Fold

Here's a picture of Baby K in a Kite fold in his new flats

I didn't like putting on the kite fold as much.  I didn't feel like I could get a super tight "seal" around his legs.  I think I prefer origami.  I will say the kite fold is nice if you need to adjust the rise more though.  I did fold it down in the back and folded the front point ALL the way in and then down a little again.  I think origami is a bit trimmer and great for my super soaker.  He ended up being in his diaper for about 3 hours and while it was soaked it didn't leak at all.  It was about as soaked as his prefolds get.  I really really like these diapers!  They're MUCH more thirsty than the few Gerber flats I have.  Even doubling the Gerbers they aren't as thirsty as these.  I will put one on Monkey tonight and take a picture so I can show how they truly are one size.  I will have to put a doubler in his for sure-I think the Gerbers would be fine for that!

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