Monday, May 2, 2011

THE best Chicken Noodle recipe ever

I occasionally make my own recipes. This one was made when Monkey and I both had terrible colds a couple years ago. I really like it and make it every once in a while. I HATE canned chicken noodle now after this. It's excellent for clearing out a stuffy nose or for just something yummy and comforting.  We're having this for dinner tonight with some bread from the bread maker (a yummy one with the Italian blend seasonings in it).

Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 2 lbs chicken cubed and cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper (and maybe some garlic powder if you like it)
  • 2 32 oz containers of chicken broth (low sodium) + a cup of water OR 1 32 oz container of chicken broth + 3 boullion cubes
  • Linguini or rotini pasta-however much you like. I do about 1/2 a package of linguini and a full box of rotini-we like lots of noodles
  • About 6 carrots cut up or a bunch of baby carrots cut up
  • Celery cut in to small pieces
  • Frozen peas-about 1/2 a 12 oz package
  • 2 small potatoes cubed (you can leave the skins on if you scrub them well)
  • Spices to taste-I like to do a lot of each because I don't add any extra salt or pepper: Oregano, Parsley, small amounts of cayenne and crushed red pepper, Italian seasoning, Basil
 In a large pot put the broth (or broth/water/boullion cubes) and bring to a boil.  Add pasta and cook according to package al dente.  Reduce heat to warm or low.  Add chicken, veggies, and spices and stir.  Cook until heated through-it's ok to put on warm for a while until you're ready for dinner.  Enjoy!

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