Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 5...

Since Monkey was having issues with a rash we decided to focus our energy on other activities besides tot school last week.  We had a fun day today going to the baby gym and spending some time with daddy and then with my friends.  Monkey enjoyed my friends' animals (two "doggies"-really a doggie and a kitty).  We are starting back in to our Tot School tomorrow though and will do our work on the senses!  We are starting something new that I think should have been a part for a long time.  My friend has a discussion with my husband and I this last week and we all decided we needed to have a devotional together on Saturdays or Sundays.  We will share scriptures and be a comfort to each other.  We have differing beliefs as they are Protestant and we are LDS.  We enjoy learning each others beliefs and that does not stop us from sharing scriptures (many LDS people in our area find out that they are not LDS and close them out which is not what our church teaches).  I also plan to read at least a few scriptures to Monkey daily.  I feel that we really need to show that we put God before our learning.  We read this talk last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It really made me think about how we need to make scripture reading a part of our tot school and not wait until Monkey is older.  He needs to be prepared early to love the scriptures and to read them daily.  This is uncharted territory for me though-I don't even know how to begin teaching scriptures to a 17 month old!  I welcome any ideas.

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