Friday, August 28, 2009

Tot School: Friday

Books read:
Yellow board book
Blue board book
Cowboy Small (borrowed from the library-cute intro to a cowboy's life for toddlers/preschoolers)
Rest of the Harold Book
Alphatales B book again

Watched Baby Signing Time volume 3 (A new day-weather, day, etc)
We also watched Signing Time volume 6 My Favorite Things because it showed the color signs and fruits and veggies and movements (I needed a refresher!)

Color walk. We went to the dollar store and it's fairly close so we went on a color walk. DS enjoyed the green grass being pointed out and thought the red fire hydrant was hillarious. He thought a white flower (dandelion) was cool and wanted to look at it for a while. It was fun finding colors to point out to him. I would name colors as he would look at something. He noticed when the grass stopped and looked at me waiting for me to name the color.

We went to the baby gym today and Monkey enjoyed the balls. He played with the balls in a ball pit and the big balls (exercise/birth balls). He had fun bouncing them. He also learned how to bounce on his hands and knees on a trampoline.

We might finger paint tomorrow since it kept getting put off.


  1. I love the idea of the color walk. We do something similar in the car (look for everything red for instance), but it would be great to slow down and do it on a walk where he could really examine some things. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I love the color walk idea too! I may have to do that one day this week when we are dying of boredom!

  3. We really had fun. I think we're going to do it more often. We live somewhat near a grocery store so I pop Monkey in to his stroller and off we go. I love taking him in the stroller because we have somewhere to carry the bags home :). It's fun looking at all the beautiful colors around us. His favorite has always been green though!