Thursday, July 2, 2009

V, W, and wrap up Alphabet theme

We read a few books to finish up our alphabet theme. We still have a few books on hold so you'll see a few more posts coming soon :).

The Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano
It's a chapter book and I didn't realize this. We're planning to look for some fun picture books to read another time. This book would be wonderful to teach kids about volcanoes though! I learned a lot. It has a lot of information and it's presented in a fun way. It was more fun for me than Monkey though.

The Worm Family by Tony Johnston
This book had a really fun message. This family was proud of their worminess. They sang a song about how loud and proud they were to be worms. They were shunned by other families but stayed strong. In the end they were accepted because they were proud of who they were. This would be a GREAT book to read to a child who is being torn down or to read often to your child to help them realize they are special and should be proud of what they have and who they are. It was fun.

The Alphabet from A to Y with Bonus Letter Z! By Steve Martin and Roz Chast
Another fun book. This wrapped up our alphabet theme. It highlights each letter (like Dr's Seuss's ABCs book) and gives a funny little two line poem for each one. It's a fun read-check it out!

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