Monday, June 29, 2009

Frank Asch and Little Bear

We had to take a mini time-out from our alphabet to read some Frank Asch books since I "rediscovered" him (I LOVED his books when I was little). We have one or two more on hold at the library but I'll share the ones we read over the weekend.

Little Bear wants to know what the moon tastes like so he spends all year making a space ship. Come winter he's ready to visit the moon and starts his count down (and falls asleep). He gathers up a "moon cake" to try (snow) and then gets back in his space ship (and falls asleep again). It was a cute book. I remember reading this one as a child. I tried to look for it through all of my old books and couldn't find it. I'm missing a lot of my childhood books-we don't know where they went!

Little Bear plays hide and seek with the moon. This would be an easy read for beginning readers. It was also one of my favorites growing up.

Baby Bear and his family visit the beach. He wants to make a cake but doesn't know how to get the ingredients. His dad has him agree to eat the cake if he makes it. His dad starts drawing a chicken (for eggs), a cow (for milk), and wheat (for flour). They bury the ingredients in a bucket in an "oven" and play until it's ready. Papa dumps it out and tells baby bear to eat it. Baby bear uses his imagination to come up with a way he can eat it. This is a fun book for beginning readers.

Bear's Bargain
Little bird and moonbear want to learn a skill from each other. Moonbear wants to fly and little bird wants to grow. They both end up being able to complete their tasks. This book helps kids learn to be creative. It's a fun book to read to your kids.

Good Night, Baby Bear
The illustrations are a bit different than other Frank Asch books but it's still a great book. Mama bear and baby bear prepare to hibernate but baby bear can't fall asleep without a little help. This would be a GREAT night time book.

Happy Birthday, Moon
Another great Moonbear book! Moonbear wants to buy the moon a birthday present and is able to communicate with the moon. Another great bedtime read.

Just Like Daddy
I got this book in honor of Father's day but we didn't get to read it until a week longer. This would be a wonderful book for a beginning beginning reader to read. The illustrations are much simpler than the moonbear ones but it's a great book!

We have a huge pile of books for me to get through that we read over the weekend and today but it's late so I will work on it a bit tomorrow. If anyone out there that's reading this has suggestions for books for us to read let me know! I love comments!!!


  1. The Happy Birthday one sounds like a tale from little Eistines, the little mouse wants to give the moon a pressent but the moon cant hear him lol
    I dont have any book tips sorry, I cant get my son to sit still anymore to read to. He might come up to me and give me a book but as soon as I start to read it he takes it form me and leaves....

  2. I'll have to check that one out! As for the sitting still Monkey never sit still-I just read to him in the afternoon and he plays with cars or whatever while I read. He loves the attention. He knows we don't stop until the book is done and I let him be the judge if he wants more books or not :)